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What if … everything that we knew about animals was wrong?
What if … all myths were merely mistaken memories?
What if … both were connected in a way we never imagined?


There’s a song or story in every sunset. 


Did you know that?


No? Well then…. Look, and listen.  Watch, and learn.


Animals aren’t all what they seem to be.  This story follows Red, Olive and Ollie, three puppies eagerly waiting to be born. When a silly decision leads to tragic and unintended consequences, they are drawn into a new world filled with wonder and awe, new friends and allies, but also unimaginable evil.


This magical and heart-warming adventure reveals the secret lives of animals, and their connection to our myths and legends.  Discover why dragons seem so familiar, why rainbows feature in stories the world over and what sunsets  teach us about life. 


Ultimately a story that affirms courage, the importance of living in the present, and the true cost of difficult decisions, join Red, Olive and Ollie on their grand journey filled with excitement, danger and discovery in…


Tails of Ae’tann: A Sunset Story.

Tails of Ae'tann: A Sunset Story Part 1 - The First Fields

The tails of Ae'tann main character, Red. The cavalier.

Chapter 1: Red


         In a far off corner of the First Fields, on the gentle slope of a little hill covered with a sea of violets, buttercups, fairy bells, and all manner of wildflowers, there was movement for a moment in the shimmering air above. Amidst the slow waving wildflowers, the gentle jerky movements of two courting butterflies stood out as they flew against the breeze, dancing from flower to flower.

         Following them keenly were a pair of luminous brown almond shaped eyes, staring intently from a nearby pocket of harebells and goldenrods.

         Ever so slowly, the eyes moved forward, never wavering from the sight of the oblivious butterflies all consumed in their synchronized dance. Inch by inch, foot by foot … until with an excited yap and a flurry of activity, the owner of those lovely eyes made a mad dash for the startled butterflies.

         He failed to catch them, of course.

         With a quick flutter, they rose just out of reach, hovering over his ruby-coloured head as he dissolved into fits of giggles and rolled on his back.


Red, Olive and Ollie are three adorable puppies eagerly waiting to be born into the World. When a silly decision leads to tragic and unintended consequences, they are drawn into a mysterious realm filled with wonder and awe, new friends and allies, but also evil, unimaginable to their young minds. 


The Tails of Aetann Book Cover
Tails of Ae’tann: A Sunset Story is a richly illustrated, fantasy adventure for children, animal lovers and the young at heart.  Fusing the familiar with the fantastical, let your imagination soar in a magical world with animals and pets that we’ve always loved, and sometimes, … lost.
Tails of Ae’tann: A Sunset Story comprises 3 books: The First Fields, The Rainbow Fields and A War with Shadows. We’ve kept the chapters short so that children and adults will find it easy to read.


Chapter 2: First Flight


         “Woohoo!” shouted Red in jubilation.

         This was nothing like what he had experienced before!

         He had expected the flight to be very much like his first foray into the World, a gentle float with hardly any physical sensation present. This was completely different! Sounds, sights and sensations assailed him from every corner, making him giddy with excitement.

         He saw the First Fields fall away into the distance, and a blur of white momentarily engulfed him. Red suddenly realized that he was flying in a cloud. He shivered, the feeling of water chilling him, before they burst forth, back into the glorious sunshine. The scenery changed to a kaleidoscope of colourful dots spotting a sea of perfect green. Red found himself laughing, his whole body filled with a heady rush of new sensations.

         He felt Tybalt lean forward. “Enjoying this, are you?” shouted the cat.

         Red replied with a whoop of pure joy.

“You seem like a born flyer,” Red heard him say. “What about it, Shimizu?” Shimizu nodded in reply, and turned his head slightly to look at Red.

         “Hang on tight, young pup!” he advised, his eyes gleeful.

         Shimizu veered away from the other crane, and Red heard a shout of alarm from Grandpa Buffy. He felt Shimizu climb impossibly fast and then they all hung in the air in a moment of weightlessness, before a plummeting dive took Red’s breath away.


Tails of Ae'tann: A Sunset Story Part 2 - The Rainbow Fields

With Ollie alone in the World, Red and Olive make the fateful decision to try and reach him by joining the Guardians. But if they fail in their quest, they could be exiled forever!


Tails of Ae'tann: A Sunset Story Part 3 - A War with Shadows

The tails of Ae'tann - ChangChang the cat

Red and Olive find themselves in the middle of the greatest was ever fought between the Guardians and the Shadows - with Ollie's life at stake. The situation looks grim - the Guardians are severely outnumbered and the Shadows have a cunning and ruthless leader. 

Who will fall? Who will survive? Who wins the War? And what is the secret of Ae'tann?



Chapter 9: Run! Run!!

         The Swarm resumed its advance with hungry anticipation. There were now easy prey before them. Rawlins, breathing heavily, assessed the hopeless situation There was but one path truly open to him. 

          "Back!" he barked authoritatively. "Back! Pools, guard the Valentines! With your lives if you must! Escape where you can!"

          His voice carried to ChangChang, who sniggered maliciously. Nowheeere to runnn, Rawlins! thought ChangChang. 

          The battle was now a rout. She planned to savour it. She turned her attention back to the more dangerous, but by now exhausted Kings and Harts. She knew not to take them for granted even though she had an almost inexhaustible supply of Shadows at her command. 


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