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What secrets lie behind the special bond between humans and animals? Trusthearts and Tails tells the stories of both animal heroes and heroines across different eras in familiar and exotic locales. 

Pepper's Promise

Pepper made Vara a promise. But with so many obstacles in his way, how will he return to her?


        And then he saw the snake. Twined around the trunk, this was no ordinary snake. No wonder the humans never talked about it, they couldn't see it! Only animals could see a Shadowsnake and this was a particularly nasty looking one. The bite of a Shadowsnake could affect all living things negatively, and it could rend and kill spirit animals. Poor Lisbeth, thought Harry. She must have been bitten my it. It'll be a long while before she recovers, thought Harry, feeling sorry for her, and angry at the Shadowsnake.          

Part 1: Denial

      "Why can't I be a Guardian?!" demanded Pepper, his voice rising. "I insist you tell me, Rawlins!"

      Things hadn't been going well for the Dalmatian so far. 

      Once he had set foot in the Rainbow Fields, he had tried to lead back onto the Rainbow Tree so that it would take him back to the World. As he was not a Guardian, the Tree did not allow him on. He just bounced off, as he would have off any normal tree.

       Undeterred, Pepper had made his way to Heart Rock, named both for its shape and the fact that it was the centre of authority in the Rainbow Fields, the meeting place of the Heart Elders, leaders of the Guardians. There, he demanded to be a Guardian, insisting that they trial him AT ONCE.

       The Elders looked at each other and Rawlins, who was the Heart Elder of the Pools, cast his aura on Pepper, projecting the Dalmatian's innermost thoughts and memories for all present to see. When the deed was done, all the Elders shook their heads and gave him their unanimous verdict - NO.




Harry and the Haunted House

Harry loves to listen. But will anyone listen to him about the mystery of the haunted house?


The Greatest King of All

The Kings are the Guardians of Courage. 

In this heartwarming tale, told in rhyme,

The bravest of the brave ask:

Who is the greatest of them all?


"Pools have their portals, and Roses are wise;

Songs have their stories and Harts noble ties.

The Trees seek knowledge, and Valentines heal, 

But of us great Kings what can we reveal?"        


Beo and the Wolf Lord

Coldwind and the Cursed Creature

Companion volumes, these two books are set in a wild and mysterious forest during the time of the Vikings.

Fluffy's Awful Adventure

From the pages of Pepper's Promise, Fluffy has an adventure of his own!

Song of the Pan

Derwent and the Pan

The origin story of Derwent, the Heart Elder of Knowledge and the mighty and mysterious Pan is told in these companion volumes. 

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