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Characters of A Sunset Story

Soc’ran the crested gecko.  He’s…..different.  He prefers the term fun-loving.  Hailing from the Caribbean, Soc’ran is a wacky, laidback, music-loving lizard who people might think is silly and shallow, but…..he’s not.  Really. 


The puppies are blessed to have a Guardian accompany them during their stay in the First Fields. They call him Grandpa Buffy, a name befitting the old, cheerful and fat lion-maned rabbit. He is the mentor and guide of the young puppies.

Grandpa Buffy

Our main characters.  Red is the oldest of the 3 siblings. A ruby-colored Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Red is your lovable, excited, enthusiastic, ever play-ready puppy. Loud and proud to be the eldest, he regards himself to be the protector of his younger siblings. 


Olive and Ollie are his twin younger siblings, with Olive being the older twin. They are identical brown and white Blenheim Cavaliers, save for a diamond shaped mark on their forehead—Olive’s mark is perfect while Ollie’s is smudged. Olive, pretty and gentle, is the smartest of the three. Nothing gets past her bright, observant gaze. Little Ollie is the baby of the group. Adorable and prone to taking naps at odd moments, Ollie is easily worried and has a very sensitive soul, but that sensitivity gives him a special ability to understand and connect with others all around him. 


Ollie, Olive and Red; 3 main characters from the tails of Ae'tann
Ollie, Olive and Red

What’s a good adventure story without a handsome, swashbuckling-type fellow? Enter Tybalt, or Tibbs as he likes to be called, the irrepressible but oh-so-charming black and white tomcat.  Debonair, suave, and confident, his terrible weakness is curiosity.  Oh….. and the ladies. 


Misguided? Fanatical? Insane? Or just pure evil?  One thing for sure, this Persian cat can take on all the Guardians, and And she knows something that no one else knows.  But what?


These are the enemy of the Guardians and the reason they are needed to protect those who are still in the World. The Shadows are the spirits of the animals who have died in terror and fear at the hands of humans, and all are maddened and fueled by those dark emotions.

The Shadows

Genghis the Alsatian is the Heart Elder of the Guardians of Courage, known as the Kings. Genghis leads the Kings at the forefront of every battle. Striking to look at, with a temper to boot, Genghis can be fierce and unrelenting, but brave, loyal, and kind at the same time.

More Characters Coming Soon! 
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